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Chicago Riverwalk Parking

Millennium Garages offers convenient, worry-free online parking for the Chicago Riverwalk.

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Online Parking

Discounted online rates are available at all Millennium Garages. Rates include tax. The recommended garage is Grant Park North.

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Parking Recommendation

For the most convenient parking to access the Chicago Riverwalk, park at either Grant Park North Garage, Millennium Park Garage, or Millennium Lakeside Garage.

Reduced rate pre-purchased parking is available online at all Millennium Garages.

Grant Park North

Multiday Parking

Discounted multi-day online rates are available at all Millennium Garages. Rates include tax.

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About the Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk is a beautiful pedestrian trail along the south bank of the Chicago River, stretching from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street.

The Riverwalk is broken into six unique blocks, each with its own nickname, offerings, and landscaping:

  • The Marina: Restaurants and outdoor seating provide amazing views of the water, including passing boats and water taxis.
  • The Cove: Accommodates kayak rentals from Urban Kayak , watercraft docking, and sightseeing tours.
  • The River Theater: A sculptural staircase linking Upper Wacker and the Riverwalk offers seating and access to the water’s edge, while trees provide shade and greenery.
  • The Water Plaza: Offers the opportunity to engage with the water at the river’s edge.
  • The Jetty: A series of piers and floating wetland gardens offers an interactive learning environment about the ecology of the river, including opportunities for fishing and identifying native plants.
  • The Boardwalk: An accessible walkway and new marine edge that creates continuous access to Lake Street.

Visit the Chicago Riverwalk website to learn more!